A Doctor Inside Your Phone

The development of modern technology has revolutionized new techniques in the healthcare sector. Medical technology crucial role in sustaining health has made significant contributions for the benefits of doctors and improving the health of people around the globe. Fortunately, Brigstock & South Norwood partnership has now partnered with doctorlink! With the drastic usage of smartphones and apps on devices, modern technology has issued its prize again by rewarding us with a clinically proven app that allows you to seek medical advice 24/7.

While advertising doctorlink to patients, there were questions always raised to what this app beneficially achieves.

One question asked was why has doctorlink taken over the doctor’s job in treating people? Not exactly! Doctorlink main goal is to reduce the amount of non-urgent phone calls and direct them to a right path – for example if your symptom is a common flu or a small injury, doctorlink may advise you to see a doctor in the next few days if it gets worse or will advise you that your issue is not serious enough for medical attention and the best way for full recovery is the comfort of your own home. Patients, who call the surgery for small issues, should try to understand that there are other patients who have more serious illnesses which a doctor is required to assess on. They may not have the chance to speak to the doctor due to the amount of phone calls we are receiving at the surgery.

Many patients can get very agitated and worried if they have fallen sick, which is understandable, however, doctorlink is here to help! It is clinically proven; the result at the end of the symptom checker recommends exactly what your own GP might advise. One example was a patient whose English was not very good, her eye was swollen, and her results gave her instructions on what to do to reduce the pain and swelling, unfortunately she was not able to understand due the language barrier. She managed to speak to a doctor who told her the exact same answer as doctorlink. So the initial reply for the question raised is that doctorlink is not taking over the doctors job, instead it is used as an assistant for the doctor and the practice itself. Helping the doctor deal with less serious cases and work on the serious issues, while supporting the practice with less stress from patient’s calls that are non-urgent.

Doctorlink is time consuming – The app may ask you a series of question which could sometimes go over 10 minutes. However, it is only asking you as many questions as possible to try and understand what your symptom is and how they can advise further action. It is very helpful to give much detail as the doctor would be able to read through the result doctorlink has provided and straight away assess you. If you can wait for 15 minutes waiting for reception to pick up the phone, I am sure a 10 minute symptom checker won’t hurt!

Overall the experience we are having with doctorlink has showed some great positives in allocating patients with a major concerns straight to a telephone call with a doctor and docotrlink has managed to inform patients whose concerns are minor and directed them with an ideal date to see a doctor.