We wanted to update you on our continued work behind the scenes to try and develop our services to best serve you and keep you all as healthy and safe as possible during these unprecedented times in dealing with the Covid 19 outbreak.

Our key message is that WE ARE STILL OPEN and that WE ARE HERE TO HELP when you need us with any of your medical problems, including those not related to COVID, for example, there are many very important routine services that we will need to continue to provide throughout this difficult period such as childhood and routine immunisations, pregnancy care and urgent blood tests.  Immunisations in particular for your children are extremely important to protect them particularly at this time and we would encourage you not to put these off.



Due to the rapid evolving nature of COVID guidance we have been finding and developing new ways of safer working both within the practice and working together with local colleagues both in the community and hospitals. We anticipate that these new ways of working will continue to evolve and change over the coming months whilst we all as a community and country try to adapt to this ‘new way of life’.  


What is changing?

As you know we have been consulting with you on the phone now routinely for many years and are now developing video consultations further in the next few weeks. We believe we will still be able to deal safely and efficiently with all of your problems and concerns with the vast majority of these being dealt with by this method, including being able to still order a number of tests and investigations , and seeking specialist advice or referral when necessary.


Is it safe?

This new way of working is being put in place across all GP surgeries during the immediate period to try and limit the spread of infection and risk to all our communities.  The surgery front entrance will remain closed to ensure continued safety. When we do need to see you in person, we will advise you of the time and procedure for your appointment before you attend. We would ask that you please work together with us to try and follow the procedures we have put in place for safe working.

The practice has separate areas for dealing with both COVID19 related and non COVID related problems to protect both you and our staff.

The front entrance automated door is open with a window where a receptionist will assist you in your queries.


If a patient has an appointment they will need to go through the side entrance next to the pharmacy and knock on the door of our back entrance, where a member of staff will let you in.


At the forefront of these changes is keeping you and all of our hard working and dedicated team as safe and healthy as possible.

The Brigstock & South Norwood Partnership Team