You & Type 2

You & Type 2 is designed to make it easier for people with Type 2 Diabetes to manage their condition by giving them more information about their condition and a bigger say in things they want help with.

You & Type 2 is designed to make it easier for people living with Type 2 Diabetes to get the most from health and social care systems. By combining innovative digital technologies and other support, You & Type 2 provides each person with their own easily accessible personal plan of care, education and support.


Healum app

Healum has enabled healthcare professionals to support people with Type 2 Diabetes to manage their health with digitial services.  Patients who use this app will be able to monitor their physical and mental health, and to access personalised health plans in order to improve their health outcomes and their quality of life in the way that they want. 

Benefits of the Healum app 

  • Simple and up to date with the latest information 
  • Will help patients review and understand their latest results and compare them to previous results
  • Resources such as articles, videos and services will be provided
  • Daily health plans

How do I download this app?

Once you had your diabetic blood test appointment, our Healthcare Professional will ask for your consent for this app, once consented a text will be sent to your mobile phone with a link to downlaod the app. After 7 days from receiving the link your latest blood test will be available for you to review in a simple video format