Internet Cognitive Therapy for young people with PTSD

Many young people develop PTSD after experiencing a traumatic event (such as an accident or an assault). Cognitive Therapy is an evidence-based treatment which is recommended to treat young people with PTSD.

Funded by the Medical Research Council, we have developed a web app which delivers a full course of therapist-supported Cognitive Therapy to young people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

We are now running a feasibility Randomised Control Trial to test acceptability and initial clinical effects of the web app. We will compare the new online Cognitive Therapy programme (iCT) to a Wait List (delayed treatment) condition (WL).

We are seeking suitable referrals to the trial and will be recruiting until December 2021


Seeking referrals

The OPTYC project in conjunction with the Tier 4 National & Specialist CAMHS Trauma, Anxiety & Depression Clinic would be delighted to accept referrals of young people who meet the following criteria:

  •  Aged 12-17 years old

  •  Proficient in speaking, reading and writing in the English Language

  •  Are experiencing PTSD symptoms related to a single-event trauma, such as an assault or road traffic accident

  •  Likely to require treatment for PTSD

  • Has not previously had Trauma Focused CBT for the same index trauma.

We will offer a full assessment and provide a detailed report. Young people who require treatment for PTSD will be randomised and offered iCT immediately or after a 16-week waiting period (WL). 



This project is funded by the MRC. We can therefore offer therapy on a zero-tariff contract to young people who are eligible and consent to take part in the trial.



Please email or call us to discuss potential referrals, or to find out more about the project.

Principal Investigator: Dr Patrick Smith (; 02078480580 )

Research Assistant: Helena Griffiths (; 02078480580)