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Children Immunisation

Appointment only

The childhood immunisations are now given in rapid succession at two, three and four months to protect small babies. It is very important that your child has these immunisations. There are very few reasons for not giving them. If you are concerned that your child should not have an immunisation on a particular day, perhaps because the child is unwell, please contact the surgery for a telephone consultation with one of the nursing team, so they can assess whether or not they should have the immunisation and discuss your concerns.

Child Immunisation

Having your child immunised will help reduce or prevent the risk of catching one of the infectious diseases. In order to keep our records up to date please remember to inform the practice team of any immunisations your child has had outside of our practice.

Due to the corono virus pandemic we are offering alternative ways to immunise your children, please discuss this when you are booking these with reception team.
Click on the link: for more information on how child immunisation are being dealt with during this pandemic. 


COPD/Asthma Clinic

Appointment only

This is run by our practice nurses, practice pharmacist and physicians associate 



Appointment only

This is run by our practice nurses and practice pharmacist


Family Planning

Appointment only

A comprehensive family planning service is offered including the fitting of coils and contraceptive progesterone implant.  Routine regular check-ups can be carried out by the Practice Nurse.


Maternity Clinic

Appointment only

Maternity services are available and arranged with your own doctor.


Minor Surgery

Appointment only

The Practice undertakes minor operations to help save long waits for hospital treatment.  Please note that for legal reasons anybody under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.



Appointment only

To ensure adequate protection needed whilst travelling abroad, patients will need to book an appointment with the Practice Nurse at least two weeks prior to their holiday. We issue certificates for some vaccines i.e Hepatitis A and Typhoid, and there will be a charge for this.

There is a charge for certain immunisations and vaccinations which are not covered by the NHS. Please speak to one of our practice nurses for travel advice. We are also a yellow fever centre.



Womens Health 

Appointment only

To reduce the risk of cervical cancer, smear tests should be performed regularly (unless otherwise indicated by the doctors) between the ages of 25 and 64. If you are not up to date with your smears you will be notified by post that you are due for a smear test.

This Clinic is run by the practice nurses.


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