Minor Surgery

Under The Knife

Our extended minor surgery services,

A lump, mole, knee, elbow, shoulder or heel problems, in-growing toe nail causing you a concern? Or do you need a skin biopsy for diagnosis? If so, get your GP to refer you to our “Patient- Centred” minor surgery services!

When the word ‘surgery’ comes to mind, people tend to think of witnessing blood and feeling pain. I managed to hold my doubts of what a surgery would feel like during the 21st century and observed three minor surgery procedures.

From my experience, I would assure you not to fear. At Brigstock Medical Practice we have a friendly and professional team to allay your anxieties during any procedures!

You will be assessed by our doctor where your concerns will be addressed. Then, options of treatment will be discussed giving you the benefit of an informed choice and supporting you in making an informed decision every step of the way.

The procedure will be conducted in a state of the art, safe, calm and air conditioned suite with soothing classical music in the background to create a relaxed atmosphere.

These were my observations when I witnessed these procedures being done – it cannot be more soothing and calming.