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What is it?

MyCare Croydon Health Services digital outpatient appointment portal has been live for three months with 22,000 patients already opted in.   Also live at St Georges and Kingston University Hospital as well as at many other Trusts.

Through MyCare patients can play a more active role in their care, giving them a single point of contact for their appointments, saving time and reducing the amount of paper correspondence.

How do patients register?

When a patient is booked an outpatient appointment at CHS they will receive a text asking them to register for MyCare. (It’s good to let patients know this so they realise the text is genuine) 

There are two ways to register:

1. Through the text message they receive to register on the MyCare Portal. This way comprehensive records and questionnaires can be viewed. The portal is currently read-only, but there are plans to enable patients to change appointments and update contact details in the future.

2. Use their NHS account login information (if they are already NHS app users). Patients logging in this way will benefit from viewing their primary care records as well as their secondary care appointments although some of the features are not yet available through this route.

Once registered on the what can they see?

Once registered the following can be viewed through the MyCare Portal for any Croydon University Hospital and Purley War Memorial Hospital appointments:  

  • Hospital appointment details
  • General contact information
  • See a map to the appointment site
  • Hospital letters including discharge information
  • Some results (with explanation key)

Points to note:

This is an opt-in service. Patients not wishing to use the system will continue to receive their appointment letters in the post.

When registering patients can elect to keep receiving paper letters, or choose to become paperless.

Please note: Patients opting to become paperless may still receive a paper letter for a period of time. Please bear with us we are working hard to implement this change.

For more information, visit the website.

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