Living with Type 2 Diabetes


I started Park Run in September 2021 after the relaxing of the Covid lockdown rules enabled people to go outdoors and socialise.  I really missed going out and about and exercising during lockdown in 2020 & 2021. But after lockdown, the idea of being in a park became the idyl place and space to just be in a natural environment and notice nature all around.  On a deeper level, I was also drawn to it because I too, am a part of nature and I wanted to get out there and celebrate that.

I like to do aerobic exercise and yoga but running was going to be a whole new adventure.  The Couch to 5K app was the key and still is.  I select a coach who talks me through the stages of running for 30-40 minutes while listening to music as I run.   I can even hear my coach over the top of the music so I don’t miss any instructions.  I run once a week which is fine, for the moment.  I can commit to once a week because I prefer a solid routine. Becoming too exhausted would be counterproductive to juggling all my other  commitments with my health, family and work, but maybe, in the future, I might increase it.

Park Run

I have discovered that I have more energy throughout the day although I’m aware of the importance of resetting mindfully throughout the day; practicing deep breathing, sipping water or eating a healthy snack. One of my favourite but rare treats is a 10 minute cap nap!

Managing my diabetes with the healthcare team at my local GP surgery had been key. Without their expertise, workshops, care and consistency it may have taken a lot longer to reach my medical goals and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Author: Jackie Harris-Macintosh

Published: Nov 3, 2023