Video Group Consultation

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic many patient face to face appointments have been undertaken online through video consultations. Thanks to technology we will now be trialing this new method of offering you healthcare with group consultations online and welcome your feedback.
This new method for group clinics is not just in response to COVID-19. We see it a new improved way that offers key benefits.

Benefits of Video Group Consultations?

This is a new way for you to join people with similar health issues and consult with your GP, pharmacist or nurse for a longer period of time.

Majority of patients who have attended face to face group consultations at our surgery before have enjoyed  hearing from other people in similar situation, as they are able to share experience and advice. 

Our video group consultations online will enable you to better understand your blood results, how to improve your health and wellbeing and get support from listening to other patients with the same condition,

How do I join a Video Group Consultation and how will it work?

You will need an email account or mobile phone with access to the internet in a private place

You will be emailed a link from Microsoft Teams. We recommend you to join the link through the web link instead of the Microsoft teams app, this will allow you to enter the consultation as a 'Guest' and avoid sharing personal information like your full name and email. 

If you have agreed for a partner, friend or carer to join in the video group clinic, they will need to agree to confidentiality and confirm their idenity just like other participants. Video consultations are often useful for this as relatives who live at a different address or even abroad can join in to support you. 

Once you have clicked on the link to join  in, you will be welcomed by the facilitator who will keep the group secure by asking you to confirm your identity and will start the session by reminding everyone in the group to keep information confidential.

You will have time to review and understand the reuslts you have agreed to share and come up with questions to ask the clinician, you will have one to one consultations with each member which you will be to share ideas and problem-solve together. At the end of the session you will be able to understand what you need to improve on and set goals for yourself.

Following the group you may choose to make a one to one appointment to go through anything you didn't want to share in the group situation or your clinician may want to arrange follow-up tests or referrals.

Please note you will not be allowed to join the group if you are late to the consultation as it is important that everyone has agreed at the start to confidentiality and confirms their idenity. It also disturbs the group for others. You will be asked to book into another group clinic.


Video Group Consultations involve sharing and discussing some personal information about patients.

You are required by law to not share this information under the Data Protection Act. Before entering the group all participants are requested to agree not to share any information discussed within the group.

You will be asked for your consent to share limited information about your condition that relates to the group topic. This information will be shared with the group in the form of a results board. 

Our Practice has been given training and support in confidentiality and information sharing. Platforms are in use which encrypt and meet the NHS cybersecurity quality requirments. NHS England and Information Commissioners Office advise behavioural contracts are in place to support this. 

It is the patients responsibility to ensure they have adequate anti-spyware and anti-virus protectionl, to find out more on how to stay safe online click here

If you are using a public or shared computer please be aware that personal information can be stored on the computer.

If you are using a mobile phone, this is only as secure as any other phone call on that mobile network

What if am not comfortable with Video Group Consultations?

A few patients may feel worried about being in a group or do not want to disclose any personal information with anyone.

In this case please discuss this with your clinican. 

Before you attend the Video Group Consultation

Prior to the Video Group Consultation you will be called in to have your annual blood results usually in the birth of your month.

To read more on the new changes for your annual diabetes appointments click here

Once all your blood results have come through we will send you your results through to you by text, you will only be allowed to open the link if you have a smartphone. However, if you do not have a smartphone please contact the surgery and we can email or post you your results. It is important to view your results so you can know what questions to raise with your clinician.